How has art history/market changed as new technologies keep coming out and being developed rapidly? Is professional art criticism still needed in the NFT art market? Or how has it changed to adapt to this whole new world? What are the aesthetic standards and nuances in collecting traditional contemporary art and art NFTs?

ATISMIC Art Forum on Sat. 12 Nov. at The Traders Club Taipei will feature speakers ZYS, Mashbean, Celia Lu, Shen Bo-Cheng, who will share their market insight into the psychology of art collectors and buying behavior.


17:30-17:50 Sign In

17:50-18:00 Opening & 'Time and Space' OVR Tour

18:00-19:20 Panel Discussion & Q&A

19:20-20:00 Networking


ZYS|Co-founder of Volume DAO

Mashbean|Co-founder of FAB DAO

Celia Lu|Co-founder of bísút

Shen Bo-Cheng|Independent Curator

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