HUANG Wei, Simulation-Sedimentary_frame#5, 2022. PNG. Edition of 16 + 1AP.

‘Simulation-Sedimentary_frame’ (2022) is a series of time slices from artist Huang Wei's generative art series ‘Simulation-Sedimentary’, which is inspired by everyday natural landscapes. Using images of the sky and cliffs as a substrate, the artist attempts to reproduce and construct non-existent yet almost real images, creating a visual sensory experience as time flows and the sedimentary textures change.

The artist believes that contemporary society has well manifested the theory of ‘Simulacra and Simulation’ by the French sociologist Jean Baudrillard, that the world as seen through our eyes may not be more real than the images we see through a screen, and that it is now more and more difficult to distinguish between reality and symbols, reproduction and simulation, concepts and substances.

‘What is reality when both artificial images and natural scenes are visible to the naked eyes?’

By stacking and offsetting multiple layers, Huang Wei has created false, artificial images that are somewhere between natural and synthetic, and thereby reflecting upon the authenticity and nature of existence of digital art.

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Huang Wei (b. 1995)

Based in Taipei. Huang Wei specialises in audio-visual performance, interactive image design, and installation art. His work focuses on the observation of life, bringing the non-daily into the everyday through the visual imagination of objects. The artist aims to bring his audience perception and sensory experiences of reality by creating algorithm-based performances that combine images and sound art.